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The Soldier who lost!

The news was flashed on our telex screens and simultaneous calls from the head office in far east.

The vessel sank off Abu Dhabi in mysterious conditions.The weather was normal.There was an enquiry which resulted in nothing.The dead bodies were found floating miles away.About a month passed and there was no news of the reasons for the mishap.Everyone was gone and no record of wrongdoing.The vessel went down with the cargo.


The liaison office in the city was a mess with hordes of relatives descending on the premises to enquire of their kith and kin.

The authorities were informed on time and hardly anything could be done.

The subsequent  scene is of compensation for the Next of Kin of the seafarers who have lost their lives.The money was deposited with the Commissioner Workmens Compensation by the Owner of the vessel..

But the headache is of apportioning the huge individual compensation by identifying the next of kin .All were settled amicably but for one.

There was a dispute apparently but no proof  from the fiancé of the Radio Officer who lost his life.

The money proceeds will automatically go to the dependant parents as he was not married on paper.Yes the fiancé now pregnant with the child and the family making arrangements for the marriage after the boys arrival backtracked  when the compensation cropped up.They kept silent on the matter of marriage and feigned ignorance on their relationship.

Law has no recourse to settle the matter outright and the legal battle would be extended  that the poor parents cannot afford without money.

But the mother was reluctant to give in and demanded the entire package.

The Director of the company has a discussion with the father of the boy and he volunteers to forego his share to the lady as he was convinced that justice has to be available at home.


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Shave before you Date

Ever imagined you are in a dilemma of being in those hectic schedules and out of nowhere your
boyfriend ask you out on a date!!! Sounds amazingly tempting and kinky if a women start thinking
on how she impresses him by looking at her best

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Mirjan Fort – Kumta

I live in Bangalore and Kumta is my hometown. I lived my childhood there before coming to Bangalore. Life has become so hectic that now we don’t get much time to go there. This Diwali we went there and visited places around. “Kumta” – My native town, is situated in coastal area of Karnataka and belongs to North Canara district.
Mirjan is a small village in Kumta, situated almost 11 kms from Kumta town on National Highway 17 between Kumta and Ankola.
The Specialty of this small village Mirjan is – it has an historical importance fort called Mirjan Fort. Earlier Mirjan was also known as “Midijay”, “Mirji”, Merji”.


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Nandi Hills on Bike

I had a passion of driving bikes!! So that every weekend me and my friends could go on a drive. This weekend I rode to Nandi hills which is a beautiful hill station in Bangalore. It is a perfect weekend destination for Bangalooreans. It is located about 60 km North of Bangalore and about 5970 ft above sea level. Nandi Hills is also known by name Nandi Gram or Nandi Durga. Nandi Hills was tippu sultans summer retreat. There is Tippu’s summer residence but it is not open to public. We shouldn’t miss Tipu’s drop there.


Loved it there planning to visit this place more often!

Travel Log – Wayanad

It’s very exciting to have a blog and I love to share few of my experiences of being around in India. I am very very fond of travelling and it was my luck that after marriage also I could continue my passion. My husband also like travelling and we have been to quite a lot of place after marriage!!! Recently I had been to Wayanad which is in Kerala, God’s own country. It was just 3 days weekend trip to get some relaxation out of our busy office schedule. Later I felt that 3 days are not enough to see entire Wayanad.
We (Me and My husband) left for Wayanad on 10th February 2012, Friday from Bangalore at 7.30 AM in our descent milege giving car Swit Diesel.
Wayand is situated just 290 Kms from Bangalore.

Very Distinct place to visit with complete nature beauty!!