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Shave before you Date

December 27, 2012

Ever imagined you are in a dilemma of being in those hectic schedules and out of nowhere your
boyfriend ask you out on a date!!! Sounds amazingly tempting and kinky if a women start thinking
on how she impresses him by looking at her best

Now its the “D” Day… she enters a real nice resto and a nicely setup date. She is dressed at her best.
The guy enters in the resto all decked up but to her surprise he has stubble!!

I mean why would you have everything in place and not shaved?? She didn’t really pay much
of an attention to the stubble he carried on a date and lived the moment. The date went well
except the stubble he carried. While she was leaving moment to say goodbye and they are about
to kiss she turns him down and even if she wanted to the “goodbye kiss” didn’t really workout.
The embarrassing moment for the guy for obvious reasons and absolutely no way to react. They
just have a good bye hug and he is left without any kiss on his date with the women who he loves
immensely. With no intensions to hurt the male emotions why just don’t shave then crave for a
moment you know you wouldn’t get. Because you are carrying a stubble on your date. Men you are
really need to watch out on such small things especially when your are about to go on a date!! You
wouldn’t want to leave with the craving of kissing your lady just because your are not shaved!! So
why not just shave than crave???

This post is a part of the ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with


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